a turtle's journey

30. Reconciliation

Finn has another big task he has to overcome….
This time it is about his self-knowledge and his relationship with his sister…. It is time to repair the wounds he has caused.

Finn and Bella have traveled to Ohan’ali. Bella immediately runs on a seagull hunt and Finn finds his snorkel.

The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue… but still nothing can compare to the great sea at Mua Pel’am

In front of the bar, Finn gives his little dog a hug. Right now, she’s his closest companion in life.

Finn goes into the bar to write a report…. There are a lot of people in the bar.

Now he discovers Naja.

Naja laughs and talks to people around her…. Finn orders an extra drink and now he is fumbling with two glasses in his hands … unable to figure out where to start.


Hours later, when Finn gets hungry, he has not yet said a single word.

Finn discovers Naja sitting on a bench and eating. Finally he comes up with an apology. …. He tells Naja that he has finally realized that his dream has never been her dream.

I miss you Naja! I will do anything to change….. You are the only family I have, and I will not lose you!

Afterwards, Naja stays for a long time staring into the air …. What exactly did Finn say?

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