Tusnelda and Trix

32. Keep trying

In today’s chapter we follow Tusnelda who is trying to get a new and better start to her job.
We also meet Rasmus who realizes that his house has become very empty after Martin has moved.
Eventually, Trix revisits some missing sparkling stars.


It’s early morning in Brindleton Bay and Fiona is on her way home from the night’s excursions.

Trix has also been on adventures and it looks like he has a gift to take home.

Tusnelda has just discovered the washing machine in a big mess. Her skills have gradually reached a degree so that she can fix such repairs herself.

When she then wants to take a bath, she notices a leak on the water pipe.

Never mind! It all helps to increase her skills.

After showering and breakfast, Tusnelda turns on the computer to research rocket construction.

At the same time, Martin enters the room after his morning workout….. Like every time he sees her, he feels an insatiable longing.

“Have I ever told you how irresistible you are?” says Martin in a mushy voice.…. “maybe we could take a little sparkling break together?”

“Oh! It’s so tempting Martin” Tusnelda replies …. “but I really need to focus on my skills”
“My first day at work was such a disaster and I want to show that I am really passionate about this career.”

“Yes, I understand” Martin replies with a sigh. “We have plenty of time ahead and we will see each other after work this afternoon.”

The sky is blue and the scenery in Brindleton Bay is beautiful.
Martin also has a career and some skills he needs to develop. He can always spend a little more time training.

Tusnelda has finally been allowed to focus on her greatest interest … science and the wonders of the universe.
As soon as she gets this rocket built, she’s one step closer to her ultimate goal.


Since everyone seems to be pretty well occupied with their own affairs, we’ll take a look at another well known young guy in the neighborhood.

In the house next door, Rasmus is making his breakfast.
Right now he is more preoccupied with his thoughts than what should be going on in the frying pan.

The house has become so empty after Martin moved out, even though he is still accompanied by his cat Brooke.

Rasmus is a very outgoing guy and the loneliness makes him almost desperate.

His breakfast has failed and ends up in the trash.

Rasmus finds Brooke in the garden. “You are my only life companion,” he says sadly ….. “Ha! Listen how pathetic I am! I expect answers from an unspeakable cat … I hope you can do without my company because I’m going out of town.”

“I’m good at listening” Brooke purrs.

Rasmus visits a café in Windenburg Old Town.
Today he will enjoy his breakfast with the other guests at the cafe.

The cafe has just opened when he arrives.

Rasmus immediately places an order. “An espresso and a chocolate crisp cannoli, please.”

While Rasmus is waiting for his order, more customers start showing up in the cafe.

Rasmus greets a surprised woman “Hi! Are you a regular customer here? … Let me introduce myself, my name is Rasmus …. I felt a little lonely, so maybe you want to keep me in company?”

The woman does not answer but looks at him with gaping mouth.

Hm! Maybe it was a bit of an overwhelming entrance remark, Rasmus thinks as he quickly swallows his espresso.

Now he wants to find a seat where he can wait for his breakfast.

Immediately the woman is there. “I do not like conversations so early in the morning and for another time I will ask you to be quiet!” she says angrily.

“May I make you aware that right now it is you who seeks out my company” Rasmus says kindly … “maybe you still want to talk?”

“Shut up your smug fool!” the woman hisses .. “I know your type! … it always starts with flattery and promises and then you run from it all … I hate men !!!” she screams to completion.

Oops! Maybe that remark was intended for a completely different guy than Rasmus, but he still feels the discomfort of that squabble.

“Sorry” the woman whispers shamefully. “Please, I need to be alone.”

That must be my greatest pleasure, Rasmus thinks. He has given up getting his cannoli anyway, so maybe he should find another cafe.


Later at a cafe in a completely different part of Windenburg, Rasmus finally managed to order his cannoli.

He passes a beautiful young woman on his way to his table. At least she seems to be kind.

The cannoli tastes heavenly, but in terms of company, he gets more company with Brooke at home.

When he has eaten, he sees to his delight that the young woman has settled down at the next table.

“I see you are sitting with a laptop” says Ramus welcomingly … “Maybe you are a student? … may I present myself, my name is Rasmus and you are?”

“My name is Lisa, but I’m sorry Rasmus … I have a deadline and I don’t really have time for small talk.”

She is actually quite polite but that does not make the rejection easier to bear. ….”I’m sorry” Rasmus says quietly “I’m going to bother someone all the time so I better go now.”

“No! It’s not your fault” Lisa says. “I actually have a deadline and I’m going to sit somewhere else”

“Thanks!” Rasmus says gratefully “I wish you a nice day.”

“The same to you” Lisa replies as she leaves.

Rasmus does not have the courage to enter into more conversations with women with laptops, but he can just reach for an extra cup of coffee before he goes to work.

Another young woman sits down at the table next to his. She does not seem to be preoccupied with outside things.

“Hi! I see you eat cannoli” says Rasmus … “They are quite tasty don’t you think?”

As it is, Rasmus will soon receive another tough rejection.
“Will you please stop talking to me!!” says the woman harshly.

What the hell is going on with all the women in this neighborhood? … am I really that desperate and horrible, Rasmus thinks.

He’s had enough now! … besides, it’s time to go to work.

When Rasmus leaves the cafe, I see this guy who should also be working soon.
This is the receptionist from The Scientific Laboratory. Incidentally, his name is Masato.

Rasmus is on his way to work and based on his body language, a pretty bad day awaits him and his colleagues.


At the Scientific Laboratory, Tusnelda has just arrived. She hopes for a better day and kindly greets Kristina…..
“Hi Kristina! It’s nice weather this morning and it promises a wonderful day.”

“I’ve actually had a horrible morning, I was assaulted by a very rude man” Kristina hisses … “but answer me just once, do you not have a job to do!?”

Tusnelda hurries on. She seems still to do the smartest thing in keeping a good distance from Kristina.

Inside the front office, a bat arrives in a cloud of smoke …. a bat !?

Wonder what Tusnelda thinks about that kind of animal?
Now she is a few steps from the front office.

Oh! Masato arrived just in time.

“Good morning Masato” Tusnelda says kindly … “Maybe we got off to a bad start yesterday ….”

“Be quiet, you crazy woman,” Masato snarls, “Can’t you see I’m talking on the phone?”

“What’s going on here!” says Aarav loudly as he enters the office.

“Oh! Is that you Tusnelda” he says kindly. “It’s great to see you again! ….if you follow me I can introduce you to a new task.”

Tusnelda is asked to collect plant samples for some analyzes.

The samples must be analyzed under the giant microscope.
I wonder how to tune sharply with that instrument, Tusnelda thinks …. I guess it’s just a matter of trying.

Damn! Tusnelda feels completely dizzy from all the kaleidoscopic colors flickering in front of her eyes.

It’s a matter of getting used to it and after a few attempts, Tusnelda manages to obtain the desired imprints.

 Tusnelda finds Aarav at a computer. “The task is done” she says happily … “Do you have another task I need to do?”

Aarav looks at Tusnelda with an evaluative gaze … “Maybe it’s time for you to try again with a Momentum Conserver.”

Tusnelda is careful to enter all the coordinates. Today she will not make mistakes.

Soon everything is almost hidden behind sparks and smoke.

As the smoke fades away, a perfect Momentum Conserver is revealed.

“Nice work!” she exclaims as she gives the robot a loving slap.
Can you communicate with a robot at all, Tusnelda thinks … maybe she’s a little crazy, but she feels very uplifted.

Tusnelda starts the Momentum Conserver and is fascinated by its movements. It looks like a small solar system.

“Hi Simon! I completed the task today … will you see?” says Tusnelda proudly.

“It should be a pleasure” Simon replies.

Tusnelda can hardly stop laughing. She has rarely seen anything so fascinating useless and entertaining.

“Everything serves a higher purpose,” Simon says seriously…. “Now you are ready for the next task.”

Today, Tusnelda carefully follows Simon’s instructions. She has learned the hard lesson that a little humility can pay off at times.

Tusnelda kicks off with a new portion of synthetic food …. but how the heck can some random plants behave so explosively?

With satisfaction she sees that the project has succeeded today.
Now she just needs to find a test person … and she has just the right one in mind.

“Masato! Do you have a moment?”

“I know there is something sneaky about you” says Tusnelda … “and if I have to keep my mouth shut, you should show me some kindness.”

Tusnelda had not really expected Masato to drink the liquid without any protest ….

… and she had even less expected his surprising transformation.

“Interesting!” she exclaims, at the sight of the bat.

“Now you know my secret and now you will probably make sure to reveal me” Masato says angrily.

“You should not be so aggressive” Tusnelda answers calmly. ….. “So far it will be between you and me … I have to think about what is the right thing to do ….. and besides, it is very convenient that I have a volunteer test person at hand.”


It became Tusneldas last task for that day. Soon she’s home again … very happy with today’s results.

Here comes Martin.

“Welcome home!” Martin whispers before giving her a kiss on the cheek.
“You seem to have had a wonderful day … and I look forward to making it even more wonderful.”

“I’m really looking forward to it” Tusnelda replies. …. “but first I need some food and a shower … see you soon” she continues with blushing cheeks.

Rasmus looks really excited. I should not be able to say if it is because of Trix coming into the garage or it is the joy of expectations?

…. however, I hope it is not the last choice because now an unexpected guest is coming.

“Flora! What a wonderful surprise!” exclaims Tusnelda while she gives her friend a big hug.

Whatever Martin had hoped for, it was probably not this, but Tusnelda fully enjoys being able to discuss her interests with her friend.

Later, Flora goes out to care for the tree in the garden. It is still her greatest passion and it is so far the only plant Tusnelda has planted.

Today’s surprises are not over yet because here comes Rasmus.

Tusnelda warmly welcomes her friend. “Rasmus, how nice it is that you came by! … how are you my dear friend?”

“I’m so awful,” Rasmus replies in a trembling voice

“Martin! Here is someone who needs an encouraging conversation” Tusnelda says as she sends Martin a serious look.

Shortly after, Rasmus has told the whole story of his terrible morning.

“You never have to feel lonely!” says Tusnelda … “You are always welcome here with us, … always! at any time.”

Martin looks like he might not have quite put it that way ….
Tusnelda finds it wisest to leave the two men together so they can continue the conversation man to man.

Sometimes it may be easier to confide in an old friend. Even when you are as different from each other as Martin and Rasmus are.

Tusnelda chooses to go out into the garden to Flora. They can always find a topic they can discuss.

Inside the living room, Martin sits and listens to Rasmus’ problems. He is attentive and good at listening.

“Martin, I hope you understand how lucky you are?” Rasmus suddenly says.

“I will never forget that! ……. and somewhere luck awaits you too.” Martin replies

“I really hope you are right” Rasmus replies with a sigh.

Subsequently, Rasmus comes out to participate in Flora and Tusnelda’s conversation.

Tusnelda finds an opportunity to continue working on her rocket.

As always, she is very focused when she has found a new task.

Next to the apple tree, Rasmus and Flora continue their conversation …. that means it’s probably mostly Rasmus speaking.

Flora is good at listening and the joy is indescribable when you finally meet a person who listen without prejudice.

Finally, Martin managed to reap a bit of what he deserves.

Everyone may need a break once in a while. A moment of silence to see the whole picture in a larger perspective. Maybe you will realize that if you do not reach your goal in the first attempts then you just have to keep trying.

When the clouds lighten you will find your stars.

If you are one of the lucky ones you may realize that they are closer to you than you imagine.

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  • Mercuryfoam

    aw what a sweet message at the end!

    I had to laugh at Masato the receptionist vampire with a bad attitude. Tus even used him as a test subject. Serves him right for being so snobby and rude.

    I feel so bad for Rasmus. He’s trying so hard. I hope he finds a great partner.

    This second day is so much better than the first. Things are looking up for Tus now! As long as she stays away from Katrina. 😮

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks ❤
      When Tusnelda and Martin lay looking at the star, both Trix and Fiona came and lay down next to them. It was so sweet to watch how the two cats sniffed at each other.
      I so wanted to take a picture of them, but unfortunately Trix’ body was hidden in the middle of Tusneldas legs. I could not find a camera angle where it did not look silly.
      Therefore, I got Martin to play with the sparkling toy instead and from that came the text.

      Rasmus feels very lonely and maybe he is trying too hard. We will see how he does.
      As you know, I love happy endings, but the story is not over yet.

      Kristina and Masato both behave very rudely.
      It’s probably a good idea for Tusnelda to keep her distance from Kristina.
      As for Masato, Tusnelda has revealed what he is. He should work on his attitude.

  • SnuffyBucket

    Fiona looks so much like my Cookie that every time she appears, I literally squeal in delight.

    Aw, Rasmus! You burned your breakfast and you’re lonely. Yes, very smart; go buy breakfast and meet people! Um… maybe not that first person. Although, I can completely relate; I am miserable before my morning coffee. But yes, maybe go somewhere else. Oh, no luck there either. I feel so bad for Rasmus and I saved your story ‘til last to read to cheer me up after the misery everywhere else! Nooooo! XD

    Ah, Tusnelda I don’t know if blackmailing a vampire is a good thing to do, but this day is certainly better than the last! And now home, to have a night of hearts and sparkles with your beloved — oh, no, never mind. The neighbourhood is coming round to say hi and ooh, did Rasmus take a shine to Flora?

    • MonaSolstraale

      Fiona is so sweet. I’m glad she’s giving you happy vibrations ❤

      I’m sorry you did not find the expected happiness in this chapter. I’m kind of moved that you assumed you could lighten your mood here.
      You know me …. No downturn is going to last forever, but not everything can consist solely of hearts and sparks .. not even in my crooked universe.

      Now that you point it out, it actually looks like there is a good chemistry between Rasmus and Flora … However, Flora is pretty crazy behind the quiet facade. She works harmoniously with her plants but I’m not sure it will last if she becomes an active Sim.
      I have not yet determined what will happen to her and to the vampire. I’m considering so my brain is creaking … it’s bedtime!

  • Yimiki

    Aww, Rasmus is lonely. I get that – if you’re used to having someone around, having a house all to yourself (with cat, but still) can suddenly feel very empty. Maybe he can get another roommate? Or maybe he’ll find a special someone, too. Or adopt even more cats! All valid options

    LOL starting out with “nice to meet you, I’m very lonely talk to me please” is a little strong, yes, Rasmus I like him. He’s so caring and honest, even when it makes things awkward like that. Oh this poor guy, getting rejected left and right. He’s not even being flirty, he just wants to make smalltalk. Awwww you’re not horrible. Try the park, Rasmus. Maybe people will be nicer there.

    HAHAHA holy cow the scarf lady was Kristina? Woops Sorry Tus, Rasmus’s awkward breakfast encounter ended up worsening your day Oooh, that’s very sneaky, Tusnelda! Strong-arming Masato into becoming your test subject. Serves him right though, for being so hostile right off the bat.

    Her second work day went so much better, and they even managed to cheer up Rasmus. Such a sweet ending to this chapter <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Rasmus is desperate and very outgoing, but he’s a good guy. …..We must hope that more people can spot it 🙂

      LOL 😀 Tusnelda has found a volunteer test person … although one can discuss how volunteer Masato is?
      He may not be as bad as he expresses himself, even though he is a vampire.
      An attack can be the best defense and so far neither Tusnelda nor I know his entire personality.

      Thanks for your comment to the ending ❤

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