Tusnelda and Trix

33. Everything under control

Today we follow Tusnelda on another day at work. There are still new challenges but she feels much more confident in the tasks.
Rasmus is still a little depressed after the many rejections and Tusnelda will do anything to back up her friend.


Tusnelda feels more fresh and well-rested than ever before when she shows up at work.
Now she’s excited about what’s waiting.

However, she did not expect to find the front office completely empty …. has she really managed to scare the vampire away?

That thought is quickly disproved when she finds Masato in a conversation with Aanya …. it sounds like they are talking about seeing an exhibition together.

“Exhibition!? What kind of exhibition are you interested in?” Tusnelda asks as she stares Masato sternly into his eyes. “Let me guess … the Museum of Medical Art, Varicose Veins and Blood Lizards?”

“Your humor is quite unique” says Masato cheerfully “We will actually go and visit an exhibition showing modern photographic art”

“I have heard about the exhibition, it has received quite good reviews” says Aarav

Aarav continues to talk to Masato about the exhibition but Tusnelda has heard enough.

Ha! modern photography! thinks Tusnelda … how stupid does he assume her to be?

She must do something to prevent that agreement.

“Hey Tusnelda!” calls Aanya .. “Do you want to come with us to the exhibition? … It can give us an opportunity to learn a little more about each other in relaxed conditions.”

Tusnelda stares at the black cloud of smoke behind Aanya ….

Once again, Masato turns into a bat and Aanya apparently discovers nothing.

“Aanya! You can not go with Masato for the exhibition!” Tusnelda exclaims in horror.

“I know his type and that man is not what he pretends to be …. he is extremely dangerous!”

“What are you talking about” Aanya answers in disbelief …. “I have known Masato for a long time and he has never behaved other than kindly”

Tusnelda does not believe her own ear … does her colleagues have no eyes in their heads at all?

Aanya rejects all of Tusneldas warnings, so she begins on the first tasks of the day while considering the situation.
She needs some more breakthroughs in her research.

She then continues to analyze some plant samples and crystals.

Since she can neither see Aarav nor Simon, she turns to Kristina regarding new tasks.

“It’s time for you to do a SimRay … but be aware that there is a great responsibility involved” says Kristina brusquely.

“Of course! …. don’t worry, I have everything under control” Tusnelda answers optimistically.

“We’ll see!” Kristina replies as she moves on.

A SimRay is a new and exciting challenge and hopefully it is more useful than the silly Momentum Conserver.

Tusnelda follows with interest in all the robot’s movements …

…. it’s hard to see anything for smoke and sparks.

Finally the smoke eases and she sees the finished result.

Tusnelda takes a short break in the toilet.
She feels really comfortable with the performance of her tasks and she is eager to continue.

The next task is to develop a Red Hot Serum.

She manages the task to perfection. Now she just has to test it.

Before she finds Masato, her SimRay just needs to be updated …. and now it’s ready for testing.

“Hi my favorite test bunny … I have a task for you” says Tusnelda

“Oh no! Please, I beg you …”

Masato never gets to finish his sentence until he is hit by an icy cold.

“Wow! This is very interesting!” exclaims Tusnelda as she looks fascinated at the ice figure … “Are you in there Masato?”

The second after, she heard a creak and the figure shattered into a thousand ice crystals.

He disappeared!!!

Shortly after, she sees the familiar bat.

“Welcome back Masato!” exclaims Tusnelda … “You look a little frozen and I could use a sample for my test results”

“Under no circumstances your crazy woman!” Masato replies with disgust

“Hm! I actually think you forget we have an appointment” Tusnelda replies

“Ok! I will let you go this time” Tusnelda says ….

“But, you actually look a little cold and I wonder if this Red Hot Serum can give you a some warmth in your body?” … “I assume the blood red color does not give you any discomfort”

Masato swallows the liquid without further protest

The serum definitely does not make Masato feel more comfortable.

In fact, Masato feels pretty sick.

Tusnelda is already moving on with her experiments.
Wondering what happens to this MySims figure after a radiation treatment?

It must depend on a test.

Yah! A radio!
It has not yet hurt anyone with music for work …

… and a little dance break probably does no harm either.

Unfortunately, Masato enters the room once again.

“Super! Just at the right moment for my sample” exclaims Tusnelda enthusiastic.

“Do you never get enough, your crazy woman !?” Masato shouts angrily.

“I warn you Masato!” Tusnelda replies angrily … “Right now you probably do not think about what serves you best”

“Actually, you look pretty miserable and maybe it’s best if you cancel all appointments for the rest of the day” Tusnelda adds carefully.

Masato has no desire to come up with more protests.

Tusnelda lets him stand with his own considerations as she starts on the last task of the day.

She just has enough time to make a Hover Lamp.

The process is now well known …

… and soon she sees the finished result.

It’s time to go home.


Tusnelda feels really proud on top of the day’s work. She has everything complete under control.

Now Rasmus comes by and he is not so optimistic.
Tusnelda immediately invites him inside. That’s what you have friends for.

Inside the living room, Trix and Fiona are developing their friendship.

It actually looks like they are really happy for each other.

Martin is standing in the garden grilling some vegetarian burgers for dinner.

There is of course plenty of food for Rasmus.

“Hey Rasmus! Cheer up!” Martin says encouragingly … “you do not usually lose your courage”

“I actually get an idea,” Tusnelda says

“Maybe Rasmus and I could go to a bar together … you can probably do without me for a single night, Martin?”

“Yes, I can probably do without you a single night, I think.” Martin replies a little disappointed.


Later we find Tusnelda and Rasmus in front of an old inn in Windenburg.

“Come on Rasmus … in an hour you’ve forgotten all about your loneliness,” Tusnelda says optimistically.

“Yes, I hope you’m right Tusnelda because I can hardly recognize myself.” Rasmus replies.

Rasmus feels much better when he finds a seat at the bar.
The subdued lighting and music from the dukebox is recognizable and safe.

He immediately orders some drinks for himself and Tusnelda. It is Tusneldas favorite drink for right now he feels very grateful for her support.

Tusnelda and he sit and talk casually about their work when he discovers a young woman who is completely engrossed in staring at his hair.

“It’s a very cheesy hair color you have,” she says in a flirtatious voice.

“Thank you very much!” …… you might want a cheesy deal and a little cheesy talk? “Rasmus asks with a twinkle in his eye.

Oops! That remark was not well received.

“Maybe you’re a little too direct” whispers Tusnelda.

The woman quickly disappears out the door …. what an awkward man.

“Hey Rasmus … you just have to relax and be the sweet calm guy I know” says Tusnelda

“I know Tusnelda! Rasmus answers …” but I think loneliness makes me kind of crazy, I’m just desperate. “

“Desperation just makes it all much worse” Tusnelda replies “Think of all the good you have in life … your friends, your work, your good health.

“What happened when you and Martin fell in love with each other?” Rasmus asks suddenly. “How did you discover he was your special one?”

“I think it was the prediction that opened my mind” Tusnelda replies

“Prediction?” Rasmus asks in astonishment

“Yes! but you also helped us a lot Rasmus …. you are so good at listening and giving such wise advice …. it is not certain we would have succeeded without your help.” Tusnelda answers thoughtfully .

“I wish I could see what you see” Rasmus answers quietly.

“You’re the nicest guy I know and I’m sure a lot of women can see it” Tusnelda replies … “but maybe it’s also about getting a little luck … and I’ve been very lucky with Martin.”


Actually Tusnelda! Now that you mention Martin, it might be time for us to see how he feels.

Darkness is falling and Martin is still sitting in the garden.

He is deeply preoccupied with his own thoughts on the changes that have taken place in recent times. He will do anything for …
Suddenly, his thoughts are interrupted by a familiar meow.

There are still someone who shows him care. His sweet cat Fiona has brought him a gift.


In the inn, Tusnelda and Rasmus have ordered new drinks and Rasmus has finally started to forget his defeats.

Tusnelda quickly swallows her drink. It is time for her to return home.

It definitely looks like Rasmus is doing great without her presence.

Rasmus tells jokes and charms everyone who wants to listen … and when they disappear….

… the seat is quickly taken over by a new guest.

“Tell me a little more about yourself” Rasmus says cheerfully … “are you really a famous actor? Can I take a picture?”

“I do not want to be photographed now.” says the woman dismissively.

Maybe Rasmus has become a bit pickled.
He makes sure to get his picture no matter what the actor says.

It’s just a selfie … and no one can complain about that.

The actor is gone and Rasmus continues to entertain the nearest guests.
In the background, a young woman is watching him.

“Hey! I’m Blue … you look like a pretty funny guy !?” … “I love guys who know how to party.”

Suddenly Rasmus becomes almost sober. “Hi Blue! … My name is Rasmus.”

The sky is slowly beginning to brighten. In a few hours the sun will rise.
Trix runs across the beach to hunt seagulls and look for other treasures sheltered from the darkness.

In the meantime, Tusnelda has happily found her way home.

Time flies when you have fun. In the dim lighting of the inn, Rasmus and Blue make fun of their common interests.
Rasmus is happy to meet a woman who is outgoing and quick in her reply like himself.

“Maybe we can meet again?” Rasmus asks almost subdued.

“I would really like to see you again” Blue replies “you seem like a cheerful guy and I love to party and spend time on what is fun to do.”

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  • SnuffyBucket

    Aw, I felt bad for Masato; he can’t help being a blood-sucking, bat-morphing misery. And if he’s known everyone else for ages without causing any problems, maybe he’s not that dangerous, maybe Tusnelda will be won over… or maybe she’s right and she’ll get to work tomorrow and everyone will be bum up on the floor.

    YES! Rasmus has a friend, Trix has a friend! I wonder if cheese-haired Rasmus and blue-haired Blue will have green-haired babies? Or blue cheese babies? But I’m getting ahead of myself. Kittens have to arrive first. XD

    • MonaSolstraale

      A couple of your predictions hit right on the spot, but of course I can not get into which ones ❤

      A blue cheese baby sounds like an exciting physiological experiment …. just such a baby Tusnelda would love to include in her research. (Poor child 🙁 )

  • Yimiki

    Whoa, who knew Tusnelda could be so devious! I kind of feel sorry for Masato – he was hostile to her but so were most of her other colleagues at the beginning.If the rest have known him for ages and like him, then perhaps he’s not a bad guy at all. Tusnelda must still have that previous encounter with the strawberry vampire in her head.

    I had to laugh at the picture of Trix standing in Martin’s food! Some things never change. Aww, Tusnelda is such a good friend. LOL that back-and-forth about cheese to be fair, she started it with commenting about his cheesy hair colour, what’s she getting upset about when he continues the joke?

    Blue seems fun! Let’s hope she and Rasmus get along as they get to know each other better. Fingers crossed!

    • MonaSolstraale

      It’s not certain that Tusnelda is completely fair to Masato … even though he was very rude when she started the job.
      Tusnelda is convinced that after she has become acquainted with the strawberry vampire’s fangs, she knows all the vampires.
      I’m trying to see where the game takes them.

      Blue is a fun and cheerful sim. I discovered that she was standing and watching Rasmus for a while and then she was obvious for a role in the story 🙂

  • Mercuryfoam

    Ohh! Fiona and Trix are finally bonding! I think I’ve been rooting for their friendship since forever so this is a yay moment for me! Blue sounds fantastic. I’m glad Rasmus found someone and didn’t go with anyone else because she sounds like a great person to hang out with.

    Haha! I feel a bit sorry for Masato there. He seems okay given that vampires are pretty powerful and so far he’s done nothing but be patient. Let’s hope there’s no retaliation on his side and Tus gradually sees that she’s the one making his life miserable xD I like that he calls her crazy woman. She must seem crazy to him. 😆

    • MonaSolstraale

      Fiona and Trix have bonded really well with each other. It’s good to see ❤
      Blue is funny and happy and adds a lot of joy to Rasmus in his life.

      Even I feel sorry for Masato. I am writing the next chapter and something is going to change in the power structure between them.
      Tusnelda is somewhat crazy and very headstrong 😀

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