Tusnelda and Trix

34. Feeling hot

In today’s chapter, there are several who feel the heat. Tusnelda discovers that a SimRay is not a completely harmless toy and she learns something about making the right choice.
In addition, Tusnelda discovers that Martin may not agree with all of her decisions.
Trix and Fiona are still developing their friendship and Rasmus discovers that Blue is really fun to spend time with.


Tusnelda is ready for another day at work.
Yesterday’s tasks went terrific and she is looking forward to seeing what the day has in store.

“Good morning Masato! You look better today …. you look less blue.” says Tusnelda cheerfully.

Masato feels better and now he just hopes that Tusnelda slows down … the many tests go beyond his health.

“It’s funny you just mention your health” says Tusnelda … “I need a little genetic test today … it’s nothing major and the test is quickly done.”

“I’ve had enough of your tests your crazy woman?” shouts Masato in disgust.

Tusnelda looks up in horror ….

“I need to talk to someone about your behavior,” she says as she sends Masato a paralyzing look.

Maybe Masato gets a little apprehensive and when Tusnelda once again gives him a Red Hot Serum ….

… he quickly swallows the liquid.

“Brilliant!” says Tusnelda encouragingly “Now I only need to repeat the experiment one more time.”

As usual, Masato changes form when subjected to a test.

Tusnelda finds it quite interesting, and as she moves on she wonders about which molecules or chemical compositions trigger this effect.

In the background, Masato is moaning in pain … it will definitely be the last time today that Tusnelda is allowed to experiment with his body.

Tusnelda tries to talk to Aarav but he refuses to listen to gossip and slander about colleagues.
“you better concentrate on doing your job Tusnelda!” he says dismissively … “and right now I will ask you to collect some plant samples.”

Tusnelda mumbles sourly as she collects the samples.
Why does everyone refuse to take her warnings seriously.

It still requires a little practice to set up the large microscope.

Now it’s not that hard when it comes down to it, is it?

She is actually quite good at her job if she is to judge herself.

Experiments with the serums still require great care.

All results are carefully noted.

With my curiosity, my courage and careful systematics, I can handle anything, Tusnelda thinks happily.

Later, Tusnelda meets Simon in the hallway.

“Hi Simon! Can we talk?”

Tusnelda tells about all her observations and about the great danger Masato exposes them all to.

Simon’s facial expression gradually shifts from attention to unbelief.

“You’ll have to believe me.” continues Tusnelda. “He’s a bloodsucking monster…… once you meet a vampire you can recognize them all.”

“Vampire? I do not know what you’re talking about” Simon replies disarmingly
“You can not impose on Masato any traits because you once met a dangerous man.”

Tusnelda must realize that no one bothers to listen and they must therefore take the consequences themselves.
She will continue to keep Masato under strong control and at a long distance from her veins.

Tusnelda is starting to develop a new serum. This time it’s a Rose Perfume.

Now it just needs to be tested.

This time, Masato refuses to drink the liquid.
For once, it’s as if Tusnelda has lost the upper hand and no threats are causing Masato to change his mind.

“Do as you like crazy woman … I’ve had enough.” he answers with a fixed gaze.

It’s hard to move on when everyone turns their backs on her, Tusnelda thinks sadly.

There’s only one thing to do … she will have to try the serum herself.

The liquid does not taste bad but the effect is surprising and frightening.

Tusnelda feels how her whole body and mind are taken over by loving hot feelings. All she wants is to give love and care to everyone.

Right now, she has an irresistible urge to tell Masato how much she loves his onyx black eyes. They are alluring like two black diamonds.

Her only resistance is that Masato has disappeared.

Suddenly Tusnelda feels so bottomless sad. Will she ever see Masato again?

Kristina comes by but she has no idea where he has gone.

In the next second, Tusneldas sadness is replaced by pure love. …..”I love your beautiful red hair Kristina” says Tusnelda captivated … “You are a very sexy woman, may I ask you about your love life?”

“You may absolutely not, you crazy woman!” Kristina shouts angrily.

Tusnelda gets an overwhelming urge to flirt with her own mirror image and she seeks the mirror in the bathroom.

She barely notices that the bathroom is already occupied by Aanya who is trying to comfort Masato.
They no longer exist in her universe.

Tusnelda has never before seen anything so beautiful as her own mirror image. Her body and mind are bewitched and everything consists only of pure unadulterated love.


Fortunately, after a cold shower, the effect of the serum diminishes rapidly.

Tusnelda eats a lonely lunch while pondering what has happened during the day. Without her test bonny she dares not test more serums. She has to come up with something else.

It is not far from thought to action and she has not yet used her SimRay today.

What will happen to a chair that is exposed to radioactive radiation?

Oops! The chair immediately bursts into flames and that was obviously not her intention.

Such a bit of fire she can quickly extinguish with a freezing beam …. no major damage occurred.

It becomes a truth with certain modifications for the fire alarms sounding all over the Science Lab and Aarav comes rushing up the stairs.

“The building must be vacated immediately!” he shouts loudly. “Tusnelda! It’s an order!”

Everyone runs back and forth but no action is needed. The fire has been extinguished for a long time.

Tusnelda thinks the panic is rather exaggerated because she had everything under control.

“The center is full of highly explosive substances and no one is entering for the time being!” command Aarav with panic in his voice.

“I had everything under control …” Tusnelda says reassuringly.

“You did it!?” says Aarav bitterly. … “You are hereby excluded from performing tests of any kind …. you can spend the rest of the day on the construction site!”

What a punishment! All her colleagues are angry and now she has to build a rocket all by herself.

In fact, Tusnelda has already built most of a rocket at home, so that should not be a big punishment.
It still makes her sad that all her good intentions are being misunderstood.

Now Simon enters the construction site.

Without saying a word, he begins to participate in building the rocket.

This is how they continue to work in silence for a long time.

“I’m so sorry Simon! … it was never my intention to hurt anyone around me.” says Tusnelda weighed down by guilt.

“I know” Simon answers … “but you must understand that much of what we develop here at the Research Center can cause enormous damage.” …. “We must all learn to show humility and respect for our fellow human beings … Only then can you make the right choices. “

“Will Aarav ever allow me to do research again?” Tusnelda asks.

“We have all made mistakes” says Simon … ” Aarav can get extremely angry and loud, but tomorrow he will most likely forgive you and you can start all over again.”

Shortly after, Tusneldas working day is over and she and Simon say goodbye to each other.


Tusnelda is not quite done thinking when she gets home.

Here comes Martin and he actually looks a little sad.

He still receives Tusnelda with his usual attentive happy smile.

“How has your day been Sweetheart?”

“I do not want to talk about my day.” answers Tusnelda … “I need a bath and then I will go out into the garden to have a moment to myself.”

“Do not push me away Tusnelda” Martin says after which he closes the distance between them with a sensitive kiss.

He still makes my legs turn like jelly. Tusnelda thinks in surprise.

On the other side of the house Fiona comes out the door just as Trix returns home from a trip.

She quickly runs towards him to welcome him home.

Trix immediately shows his gratitude.

In the bathroom nearby, Tusnelda has realized that Martin does not want to let her go and that the desire is mutual.

“Come on woman! You’re driving me crazy!” Martin groans as he pulls Tusnelda into the bath.

“Oh no! don’t say that word” Tusnelda replies, but here is no more time to talk….

It’s time for a sparkling break away from the hassles of everyday life.

Let’s give them a moment of privacy.

Fiona and Trix have long ago discovered that joint fur care helps to strengthen their bonds.

Whatever is wonderful in life, it gets a temporary break as Fiona goes on to find some food.

In the bathroom, it is also time to return from a hot steaming experience.


Let us for a time leave one man with a happy face to seek another.

In Oasis Springs, Rasmus meets Blue.

“Hi Blue! I’m so glad you want to hang out with me” Rasmus says with glowing enthusiasm.

“I’ve been looking forward to this Big Man … let’s start some joy together.”


In Brindleton Bay, Martin has started at dinner and Tusneldas facial expression has shifted back to seriousness.

“Tusnelda! I can feel something bothering you” says Martin … “Please, tell me what’s going on?”

Suddenly Tusnelda can not stop her flow of words and she tells about it all … about the fire, about how she tries to control Masato and how her colleagues refuse to listen to her warnings …

… “and now they have all turned their backs on me” Tusnelda continues.

Martin listens to it all without interrupting.

“You’ve behaved horribly Tusnelda! …. you can not just follow your own head.” he finally exclaims.

Tusnelda looks at him in shock.

“Damn you Martin!!! I was expecting you to at least support me” she shouts furiously … “I’m leaving now and don’t try to stop me!”

Tusnelda is red-hot with rage and she tries to calm down as she plants her crops.
She has long wanted a new garden.

Inside the house, fortunately, there are still some who are on speaking terms together.


At the bar in Oasis Springs, Rasmus and Blue expand their knowledge of each other..

Blue listens smilingly to Rasmus’ stories of his many failed attempts to make contact with women.

“I’m actually starting to feel like a desperate lunatic … you should see how they tried to brush me away like an annoying fly.” Rasmus says.

“I like you are outgoing and I think you are brave” Blue replies kindly

“You yourself seem quite outgoing Blue” Rasmus replies “Cheers to the outgoing people!”

“You’re funny!” says Blue, laughing.


In Brindleton Bay, there is not much fun.
Tusnelda has planted most of the crops as Martin comes out to see how she is doing.

“I’m so sorry Tusnelda, can we talk?” he says sadly.

Tusnelda can’t really find an answer, but when she looks at him she sees how sad he is.

“Please Tusnelda … if you do not feel like talking then at least come in and eat your dinner.” says Martin, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Tusnelda eats her food in silence.


We change for a moment the scene to Willow Creek.

A man has just caught a big beautiful disco fish.
This probably has nothing to do with this story but it gives Tusnelda a break to gather herself …

… and sometimes what seems completely insignificant can be crucial. You never know what it will take to reverse a development.

Let’s leave the area again.


Tusnelda and Martin have finally started talking.

“Try to explain to me more about your work?” says Martin encouragingly.

Tusnelda talks about her great desire to work for development and science and she talks about her concern for the safety of her colleagues.

“I once came across a vampire Martin, and I tell you I never want to come in close contact with his fangs again,” Tusnelda says.

(It must be said that Martin has actually also been in contact with the same vampire, but he has probably been too paralyzed to remember anything.)

“But because you once encountered a vicious vampire, you can not automatically impose the same traits on Masato,” says Martin … “and the man actually has a right to say no to participating in your tests.”

“Well! Simon actually said something similar” sighs Tusnelda

“There you see!” exclaims Martin … “you have to listen to your colleagues’ experiences … everything else is just crazy.”

“You’re probably right Martin” Tusnelda replies … “But please, don’t call me crazy.”

“I think your craziness is one of your most charming qualities.” says Martin gently.

“I love you.” he whispers … “Without you, my life would turn gray and I would miss a lot of wonderful sparkling interruptions.”

“I love you too” Tusnelda answers gratefully … “but right now I really have to interrupt our conversation to find a toilet.”


In Oasis Springs, Rasmus and Blue are saying goodbye to each other.

“I really enjoyed being with you.” says Rasmus seriously

“Please Big Man! Do not be so serious, you scare me!”

“Look what I have ! … it’s a mistletoe!”…

“That means we are allowed to kiss each other” Blue says before giving Rasmus a light kiss on his lips.

Rasmus immediately feels the urge to answer her kiss with an even deeper kiss.

“I don’t want to let you go!” says Rasmus as he affectionately looks Blue in her eyes.

“Then come with me Big Man!” Blue answers as she walks towards the exit … “Come let’s find a place we can dance.”


While Rasmus and Blue search for new adventures together, Tusnelda and Martin rediscover the sparks that will forever bind them together.


Meanwhile, Rasmus and Blue arrive at a nightclub in Windenburg.

“I just love to party and dance,” Blue says

“Yes this is really fun.” Rasmus answers

In addition to the dance, there is much else that is nice to do with Blue.

Blue has really many wonderful ideas about what is fun to do.

Here we end up with another hot steaming experience. Although this chapter should have mostly been about Tusneldas challenges with her job and life. ….. But it seems that everyone has been infected with some irresistible hot feelings.

When I write everyone … I really mean everyone!

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  • SnuffyBucket

    Oh no, poor Masato. I wonder what it is about the red hot serum. Maybe basil is a secret vampire repellent? Or maybe it’s the anger that does it; if I recall, vampires slip into dark form immediately if they become enraged, maybe they slip into bat form if they get a bit moody. Either way, I feel for him. Not cool, Tusnelda!

    Haha! How a tiny thing can change everything. One pink potion later and she’s fallen for the vampire’s onyx eyes, hey? And her other colleagues. And herself! Was this all autonomy? I forgot how much fun the scientist career was. I loved them all evacuating due to fire.

    Well done Martin for calling out Tusnelda’s behaviour! I’m sure once she calms down she’ll realise that she was wrong.

    Woo! Go Rasmus! I see his date with Blue went VERY well, no rose serum required. And eeeek! Is that kitty love I spot at the end? I’m not usually so sentimental when it comes to stories but I really want the best for everyone here. What is happening to me? XD

    • MonaSolstraale

      I do not know if serums are considered human food for Masato gets quite uncomfortable every time he drinks them.
      I have not experienced that red hot serum makes him angry. I can not comment on the rose serum as he did not drink it.
      Tusnelda became extremely flirtatious. Most of her colleagues took her flirtatious behavior very badly.

      Tusnelda needed a clear message. She was evolving into a superior ruthless character …. even though her many complacent expressions amuse me 😀
      The science career is really entertaining, but if you do not ignore the “bad tasks”, your Simmer will become more and more vicious during his career.

      Love, love and kitty love. …..You have become sentimental? …. Maybe you have been infected by the rose serum? 😉 XD
      I want kittens but Fiona is obviously not very fertile. …. maybe I should check if she is neutralized, but I do not think the option “try for the kittens” shows up if that is the case.

  • Mercuryfoam

    Ooh so many sweet moments happening all at one go. Aw. That’s good that Tus and Martin patched up quickly after their argument. Blue and Rasmus’s humor are hilarious xD

    • MonaSolstraale

      I could not stand if Tusnelda were to be angry with Martin for too long.
      I’m too soft … especially when it comes to my favorite characters 😀

      I’m glad you like Rasmus and Blue together. She always smiles and makes Rasmus happy ❤

  • Yimiki

    Poor Masato. He’s done nothing to Tusnelda but be a bit hostile, but because she’s been assaulted by vampire before, she now sees no problems with treating him like a lab rat. I’m glad that Martin put things into perspective for her a little. Even if it ended up in a fight. Somebody needed to tell her that what she was doing was wrong.

    Bwahaha, flirting with all her colleagues and eventually herself And setting the lab on fire, too! This work day may be the most eventful yet I’d forgotten how many shenanigans you can get up to in the science career. Get To Work is a fun pack.

    Whoa, that date with Rasmus and Blue went really well! Really, really well! And even Trix and Fiona are feeling the mood… looks like that love potion was spread to everyone this chapter

    • MonaSolstraale

      Even I feel sorry for Masato 🙁
      Tusneldas reaction is very judgmental but unfortunately not very rare.
      Tusnelda gets many distinctive whims and she will probably never be flawless.

      You’re probably right that that love potion infected everyone. How could it happen?
      As I wrote, it seemed natural to me to merge the three separate pairs together.

      Rasmus and Blue are so sweet together. He is a very likeable Sim ❤

  • Manny Likes Sims

    Tusnelda on rose perfume made me laugh! Especially referring to Masato’s “onyx black eyes” which suddenly were “alluring like two black diamonds.” That’s one potent love potion

    Enjoying the love and sparkles for all the characters here!!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Ha, ha. Tusnelda became extremely flirtatious because of that rose perfume 😆

      NB: A reader once called me an incorrigible romantic, so there are probably quite a few sparks in my stories 🙂

  • GlacierSnow

    This chapter is so much fun! Blue and Rasmus together are adorable. I hope she really is as good for him as she seems to be. I’m just a tiny bit concerned because she’s moving so fast. But, oh well, he sure seems happy about that.

    Adorable kitty love too!

    I do think Tusnelda needs to back off the bullying of poor Masato, though. Other than being just a little rude, I can’t recall him doing anything very bad. She seems to be taking out her anger on just a random vampire who had nothing to do with why she’s angry. Hopefully she listens to Martin’s advice. He seems pretty wise sometimes.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I know you’re further along in the story now, but Rasmus and Blue were absolutely hilarious together ❤

      Sure, Tusnelda is a scientist, but she often acts without consideration for others. I love describing her unreasonable actions that often give her embarrassing afterthoughts 😆
      Martin is a pretty calm guy (unless he’s in big gatherings, which makes him pretty stressed)
      As a loner, he often makes his own well-considered conclusions. It is rare that he acts recklessly like here, but he can be pushed over the edge on a rare occasion.

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