Tusnelda and Trix

35. Considerations

When a Simmer starts his science career, he must at some point make a moral choice.
I have struggled to write this chapter and to my apology I would say that morality and ethics is a subject that has occupied philosophers for thousands of years.
It is not a simple choice between good and evil or black and white.
Tusnelda is neither an angel nor a devil but a complex character that contains a bit of everything.
Let’s see how she handles this choice.


There is nothing like a good start to the morning.
Especially if you can expect a challenging day.

If Tusnelda was angry at Martin last night, then it is completely forgotten today.

“I wish we could spend some more sparkling moments together Martin, but I have to go to work.” Tusnelda sighs before she gives Martin a light kiss on his cheek.

“I would love that too Tusnelda! ….. I know you have to convince your colleagues of your value, but whatever they say … do not forget I love you!” Martin says.

Martin has his own challenges.
He needs to train his charisma and now he is looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He feels far from inspired and he finds the task foolish.

We all have our methods to overcome what is difficult in life and Martin’s solution is always to run.
The sky is blue, thoughts flow freely and nature fills him with new energy.

That solution is far from Tusneldas personality, but she quickly shakes off her defeats and she bravely resumes her tasks from where she has failed before.

Perhaps she takes the problems too lightly? We will see.

“Good morning Masato!” exclaims Tusnelda kindly.
“I hope you are ready to forget the past so I can continue my experiment where we left off.”

At the same moment Kristina steps in the door …. “Tusnelda! I do not believe my own eyes … after all the trouble you made yesterday!” she says with no hidden contempt.

Tusnelda wants to give an answer but she is interrupted by Masato.
“Before you continue, Aarav has asked to see you.” Masato says.

Tusnelda does not let herself be interrupted and before she looks for Aarav she tries to appease Kristina.
“I’m sorry if I offended you Kristina … it was that damn Rose Perfume, but I assure you I do not find you attractive at all.” she says encouragingly.

Nice try Tusnelda, but that probably won’t help your case.

Tusnelda continues her lonely walk down the hall.
She’s not stupid and is really trying to communicate but it’s like the words come out of her mouth completely wrong.

“I can not stand the sight of her!” Kristina hisses through clenched teeth.

“Let Aarav take care of it Kristina … I’m trying to stay calm.” Masato groans.

Tusnelda catches sight of Aarav as she enters the experimental room. Now she just hopes Aarav will allow her to continue her experiments.

“Good morning Aarav … I hope you have forgiven me my misfortune yesterday” declares Tusnelda humbly.

Finally, after what feels like several minutes, Aarav detaches his gaze from the screen.

Tusnelda cringes under his inquisitive gaze.

“I can assure you I will not make the same mistake another time.” continues Tusnelda.

“I just wanted to fix the problems. I really thought Masato was dangerous to everyone here …. and the fire was just an accident” Tusnelda continues.

“Have you learned anything at all?” Aarav asks. “Can you tell me why should I not fire you immediately?”

“Science is my great passion!” Tusnelda replies, startled. “I’m talented and I can find new solutions … it was actually the case yesterday, I already had extinguished the fire with a freezer jet before the room was evacuated!”

Aarav is not impressed with the answer and he sends Tusnelda to the Momentum Conserver to find a better answer.
Tusnelda wonders how the silly mechanical toy should give her any better answer.

“I do not know what you want to hear?” says Tusnelda in despair … “I just know I’ll have to keep working on science.”

“Should I understand your question as you have become interested in the opinions and safety of others?” Aarav asks seriously.

Aarav asks Tusnelda to collect materials while she continues to consider her own role in the workplace.
All of these questions almost give her a headache and she would have preferred a regular reprimand instead.

Tusnelda is happy to escape the tense atmosphere inside and she finds a suitable place outside.

This is how she continues her lonely challenges for a long time.

Tusnelda has sent an unknown crystal for analysis in the scientific laboratory.
Now she is receiving a call.

She has found a new unknown element!!

Tusnelda can not wait to present Aarav for her new finds.

Aarav listens kindly to Tusneldas enthusiastic speech.

“There is no doubt about your perseverance and your abilities” says Aarav … “But you have a challenge you can not ignore”

“Science gives access to great influence and it requires you to make a moral choice,” Aarav continues
“So far, you have only listened to your own conclusions and your colleagues have distanced themselves from you. The question is, what do you want to use your skills for?”

Tusnelda thinks for a long time and now she suddenly knows what to do.

“I apologize for my behavior Masato,” Tusnelda says seriously. To make it right again, I promise I will use all my abilities to heal you of your vampirism. “

“Have you ever considered that I do not want to be healed!” Masato asks stiffly.

“Do you not want to be healed!!!” Tusnelda exclaims in horror.

“When it comes to you and me, you pose the greatest danger to your surroundings. You are the villain.” Masato finishes calmly.

Tusnelda is angry and hurt. Now she has finally understood that she has to make a humane choice and then she is rejected by Masato. Damn vampire!!!

She angrily spends the next hour building on the rocket.

Later she finds Simon. He has often listened kindly to her.

“I really do not know how to make the right choices or how to gain the respect of my colleagues?” says Tusnelda in despair.

“It sounds like you’re on your way” Simon replies “If I may give you an easy memory rule then, listen and learn.”

Later, Simon tells her about a place behind the building he always seeks out if he ponders a problem.

Tusnelda has not yet been to the back of the building.

She discovers that nature possesses a great beauty despite the desert that surrounds the buildings.
There she catches sight of the lake Simon has told her about.

Tusnelda spends the rest of her working day fishing.
She feels the calm take over her body and suddenly she can not remember when she last fished?
She has been too busy achieving goals that will take a lifetime to achieve.

When Tusnelda is released from work, she is promoted to her great surprise.


When Tusnelda comes home, Martin is still at work.
She is instead received by Trix and Fiona.

“Hey Trix! Come and get a hug” Tusnelda says as she reaches out her arms.

“I’m sorry, but I really do not have time to entertain you right now” Trix replies with a short meow.

“Oh my god! You are in love!” shouts Tusnelda excitedly.

Tusnelda can hardly wait to tell the news to Martin, but until then she has to find something else to take care of.

She begins by spraying the fruit tree against annoying pests.

When she turns around, she sees a dog that is not feeling very well.
She can recognize the dog. She has met him once on the beach where they played pick up the ball together.

“Let me help you” says Tusnelda and gives the dog a comforting cuddle.

Here is a problem she can easily solve….

It just requires a little scientific skill.

Martin returns home from work, tired and filthy.
He immediately disappears into the bathroom.

Finally, Tusnelda is done making a healing treat.

It’s getting dark, but the dog is still nearby.

“Hi sweet dog. You can eat the treat safely. It will do you good, “Tusnelda says reassuringly.
The dog happily eats the treat without reservation.

Maybe the dog would like to stay a little longer but Tusnelda longs to talk to Martin, so she kindly says goodbye.

Unfortunately, Martin is out of reach right now.

Tusnelda eats her dinner with no company besides Fiona begging for a bite with loud howls. That cat should get some manners.
Tusnelda really needs to talk to a friend and she therefore thinks of Rasmus. What is he doing right now?


In San Myshuno Art District

“Are you sure this liquid is not dangerous” Rasmus asks nervously.

“Do not be a chicken Big Man! It just makes you want more fun” replies Blue “

Blue keeps an excited eye on Rasmus as he swallows the liquid.

It does not taste bad … maybe a bit of blueberry juice and he can not feel any changes at all.

“Cheers to the mischiefs!” shouts Blue with a smirk. “Let’s find some fools we can tease.”

In the next moment, she gives Rasmus a kiss that feels just as sweet and loving as ever.
He can not imagine any harm can come from that woman.

“Hello you fool! Go out and find your own girlfriend” Blue shouts to a passerby.

“Maybe we should have a drink?” Rasmus suggests quickly.

Shortly after, they sit at the bar waiting for their drinks and Blue asks Rasmus if he wants to hear a story about a beautiful maiden and a knight on a white horse.

A romantic tale may be a bit boring but he never gets tired of watching Blue, so of course he says yes.

Later, they have received their drinks and Blue has reached a dramatic point in the story.

“… right now, when the beautiful maiden is surrounded by a large herd of foaming wolves, a knight on a white horse comes out of the haze” says Blue

“Immediately the wolves throw themselves over the beautiful animal and bite it to pieces! The blood runs and the knight falls to the ground with a bang. He is unconscious after his head landed on a rock and now the wolves turn their gaze to the beautiful maiden and … “

“Stop!” shouts Rasmus, while he is horrified to see Blue disappear completely into her horrific tale.


“It may be my imagination ran off with me” Blue says with a laugh … “but this you can look forward to Big Man. It makes you relax.”

“I do not quite know what to expect” Rasmus replies a little hesitantly

He takes a tentative sip of the hookah while Blue observes his reaction.

“You have to take a deeper breath” Blue says and shows Rasmus how to do it.

“It makes you absolutely wonderfully relaxed,” she continues in a blurred voice…

Rasmus looks amazed at Blue who has now fallen into a deep sleep.
Just then he feels a buzz from his cell phone in his pocket.

Tusnelda has sent him a text message.

Rasmus looks at Blue. … maybe busy was not the right word, but he will not be able to leave her like that.
There’s something about Blue he does not really understand and he begins to consider whether it should make him worried.

Rasmus quickly forgets his thoughts because soon Blue will be awakened by some loud bang.

The mischiefs has won the humor competition and the festival will therefore end with a big fireworks display in purple and blue colors.

They both stand breathless and watch the fireworks.

Soon the night sky is lit by a cascade of beautiful blue-purple sparks.

Rasmus stares excitedly at the big light show in the sky as he hears Blues enthusiastic howls.

“Did you see the blue lights? I love blue!” says Blue before giving Rasmus a deep kiss.

Just there, Rasmus can also feel there is something else Blue he loves.

“Hey Big Man, let’s find a place where we could do some more fun stuff” whispers Blue with blurred voice.

“It’s a deal,” Rasmus whispered in response.

While the last blue-purple sparks spread across the night sky, Rasmus and Blue search for a secret place where they can have more fun together.


In Brindleton Bay

In Brindleton Bay, another couple is looking at the sky.
Martin has finally woken up from his sleep. Now he once again listens to Tusneldas thoughts and her dreams of exploring what is hidden above the clouds.

“I love you Tusnelda!” Martin whispers gently. “Always remember that!”
“I’m sure you will find out what is right to do as long as you keep your ears and eyes open to your surroundings.”

“I’m sorry I’m interrupting your whispers, but have any of you seen Fiona?” asks Trix with a loud meow.

“Oh Trix, my sweet cat … I’m sorry I have not taken so much care of you lately” Tusnelda says as she hugs him.

“Yes it sounds really nice” puurs Trix in response.
“For now, I prefer that you let me go and you will return to your sparkling man.”…. “I’m busy looking for an adorable female with emerald green eyes.”


NB – Author’s note: I will take a short break from my story as I travel for a week at a summer college. I’m not sure when I’ll return with a new chapter … but I can give you a teaser. We can expect kittens soon.

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  • SnuffyBucket

    I like seeing Tusnelda trying, and failing, to make amends because you know, when you’ve hurt people it isn’t always easy, or possible, to win them back. I also suspect Blue is not quite as she appears. I’m suspecting she’s an alien because Rasmus is too much for the women of this planet and she has this unworldly character. Her falling asleep at the bubble blower made me laugh.

    Trix and Fiona are adorable and OMG KITTENS!!!

    Enjoy your break!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks! I’m glad if you find the description of Tusneldas challenges credible. In my world, she’s a true heroine.

      Blue is hiding a secret, but I can not get any closer.
      I do not remember what it was in the bubble blower but Blue fell asleep right away 🙂

      You think Rasmus is too much for an earthly woman? It makes me curious.

      Trix and Fiona! I’m in love ❤❤❤

  • Yimiki

    I get you, Martin. Whenever I feel down I end up seeking out nature, too. There’s something really calming about surrounding yourself with green and just letting your thoughts wander.

    “I hope you are ready to forget the past so I can continue my experiment where we left off.”
    “Please forget what I did so I can do it to you again.” Oh, dear. This is going to end up biting her on the behind at some point, isn’t it? Oh, yup, it is. Oof, being asked by your boss why he shouldn’t fire you. That’s a though spot to be placed in. Aarav seems like a good guy – kind and willing to help people see the error of their ways, but strict when he needs to be, too.

    Trix rejecting Tusnelda to make pink hearts with Fiona made me chuckle. How the tables have turned. xD

    Bwahaha, Blue seems like so much fun. She’s a bit much even, maybe. Poor Rasmus is having trouble keeping up! I wonder what Blue’s story is.

    Oooh, enjoy your break! We’ll be here when you get back.

    • MonaSolstraale

      “Please forget what I did so I can do it to you again.” That interpretation simply made me laugh out loud. XD
      Right on the spot.

      I love describing Tusnelda because she is so opposed to my own eternally analysts awaiting me, ( maybe we still have more in common than I dare admit ). I would probably also distance myself from her if I met her alive.
      Fortunately, Tusnelda still knows some in the workplace who have not completely distanced themselves from her.

      Yep! The relationship is definitely upside down when it comes to Trix and Tusnelda. It is good that he is no longer lonely 🙂

      Blue is a big mouthful for Rasmus, but she’s making him happy ❤
      I dare not promise you get her whole background story, but I have something in the back of my hand.

      Thanks! I look forward to getting a little away from home 🙂

  • Mercuryfoam

    I really enjoyed this chapter. Very much! I’m going to limit my comment because i loved it too much and will probably express myself too excitedly and in a way that may seem like im trying to steer the story, so just know that i loved every bit of this and will just wait excitedly for the next adventures of blue/rasmus, tus/martin and trix/fiona. Also, kittens!!!! Ahh can’t wait for your next update! Enjoy your short break and travel!That sounds wonderful!

  • HermioneSims

    I’ve just finished reading the story up to this point, really a lot of things happened! Tusnelda really grew a lot, starting with knowing herself when moving out with Trix, starting her first job and all the time spent outdoor and gardening. Then I was surprised by how well she managed to get so many friends, given the premises I have the feeling it probably wasn’t so easy for her to trust others… And then she also managed to fall in love, how romantic! (Even if, on this point, I was supporting Rasmus since the beginning, he reminds me a lot of a very nice guy I met when studying abroad).
    Now I’m very happy to see she managed to pursue her dream to become a scientist, the job is not easy at all but each new discovery just makes it worth it!
    And of course I also loved Trix, the co-protagonist, he is such an expressive and intelligent cat! Given the “kittens” anticipation in the last lines, I really can’t wait to see them 🙂

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment ❤

      I’ve already answered most of the questions in the Forum, so I do not have much to add, except that I’m glad you took the time to read the story.
      The science career is definitely a fun career and it will not be the last time Tusnelda is faced with a situation where she might have to take into account others than herself.

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