a turtle's journey

38. Dolphins and mermaids

Naja is convinced that mermaids exist, but should Finn believe it?
Maybe it’s just her imagination that blossoms when she watches dolphins play in the ocean.

It is a nice and clear day and Finn is snorkeling around casually.

Suddenly he sees a dolphin swimming past.

The dolphin curiously sticks its head out of the water.

Finn kindly greets the curious animal.…… Can I offer a fish?

Inside the house, Naja sits and struggles with her homework.

Finn is engrossed in the dolphin and does not even notice that a new festival is underway.

Suddenly the dolphin laughs with a loud clear laugh.

Shortly after, it disappears into the depths.

The locals have started gathering on the bridge with fishing rods.

There is a swing set up at the water’s edge and flags and food stalls on the beach.

Finn has become hungry. How convenient it is when others provide the food.

Naja has finished her homework and is trying to take advantage of the last low autumn sun.

Finn has not forgotten his craft for fishing.

Naja’s skin turns brown as soon as the sun sees her.

Naja and Finn build sand figures and chat casually together.

When the figure is finished, a well-trimmed man comes by.

Naja is sure he is a merman and she find a conch shell and blows a deep sound.

Naja looks disappointed after the merman as he indifferently strolls on…. It looks like she was wrong

What is it with Naja and conch shells and her fantasies about mermaids? …. Finn finds a conch and blows a proper blow.

Duane looks resignedly at Finn …. It’s a very distinctive kind of mermaid you have summoned there!?

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